“So what is the difference between a Ticket Scalper and a Licensed Ticket Broker and who would want to be either one?”

Reprinted LinkedIn – 9-23-16

The event ticket brokerage business gets a bad rap from many people and usually for unfounded or simply incorrect reasons.

First of all you may ask: “Why would anyone want to become a ticket scalper?” True, who would want to be a ticket scalper – he is the sleazy guy running around the outside of the stadium or concert hall yelling that he has 4 tickets on the 20 yard line or second row and wants $1000 for them. Furthermore you don’t know if the tickets he is touting are real or not. Well, that’s not what a real ticket broker does. A legitimate, licensed ticket broker operates out of a physical location or from the internet. They can be located by their customers and vendors if the need arises. A ticket broker buys and sells premium event tickets to sold out shows and hard to find seats at a reasonable price. To have longevity in that business or any business, it is important to treat your customers well and make them feel appreciated. That should be the mission and goal for all business dealings.

About Ticket Brokering

Secondly, the ticket brokering business is often perceived as underhanded and dishonest. Many people believe that ticket brokering is a business wherein the ticket broker hoards tickets, inflates pricing, and makes a huge profit. This isn’t the case. In reality, ticket brokers purchase tickets in advance with the hope that they will sell at a profit, which isn’t guaranteed. Often, they sell at a loss and/or get stuck with unsold tickets. Concert tickets are sort of like tomatoes – if they are not sold in time they will end up in the dumpster. So how do ticket brokers stay in the black? It’s a mixture of devoting effort and time while leaning on experience and luck. A reputable ticket broker is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Better Ticketing Association, and/or the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

Why use a Ticket Brokerage?

People use ticket brokerages simply because they know what they are buying and what to expect. Visit our testimonials Fan Page. It is not magic or rocket science as to how ticket brokers are able to acquire the great seats that they have. Experience and knowledge are important but the contacts and willingness to commit to an inventory of tickets are equally significant.

Purchasing season tickets for Top 10 teams during their preseason or when a popular singing group announces a new 40 city tour can seem like a no brainer as to success. However, that nationally ranked football team with their Heisman Trophy candidate has now broken his leg and is out for the season or the lead singer of that popular group gets caught in some embarrassing situation with a 14 year old girl. These two scenarios can cause those expensive, premium tickets now to drop in value. These things can and DO happen.

To be successful in the ticket brokerage business it must be addressed as a business. It is not one concert, one game or one theater performance. It is multiple events with the purpose of supplying quality seats to as many of these quality events as possible. That is what makes for success in the ticket business.

We are recommending recreational cannabis stores and medical marijuana dispensaries install an online event ticket brokerage into their locations. The purpose of this integration is twofold. One to offer more services to their existing clientele. Because how many marijuana users attend concerts and sporting events? The second reason is to help reduce the effects of IRS Section 280E of the IRS Code on cannabis businesses.

To find out more about the ticket brokering business and the cannabis industry visit www.MJConsultingServices.com or www.EZ-Ticket.com

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